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The Power of an Improv Workshop for Team Building

The heart of most team building activities is putting people a vulnerable situation with only each other to rely on, until they triumph, learning more about each other and themselves along the way. This is the essence of outward bound, army bootcamp type team builders and they work great. However if you have a mix of ages and physical abilities and weather you can't depend on then this kind of team builder can be more demoralising than motivating.

An Improv Comedy Workshop is the inside, all abilities answer. It is a very low risk, out of comfort zone activity.

Your people will learn that the key to success is collaborating. Their communication skills will be enhanced, listening and responding appropriately in the moment. They will gain confidence talking or presenting in front of a group. They will learn more about their team mates and themselves. And they will learn while laughing, while relaxing and enjoying the company and appreciating the diverse personalities of their work mates.

The goal is never to turn your people into comedians but to share those skills that make us successful performers to

boost the performance of your team.

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