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The 2021 Top 10 Christmas Countdown

Christmas Party Entertainment

We're officially in the Christmas countdown so we thought we would help you out with the a quick Countdown of our 10 most popular Christmas entertainment products

Christmas Party Entertainment

10. A Visit from Santa

Whether as a surprise pop in, a guest at staff drinks or a to make your Secret Santa super special the big guy is welcome wherever he goes.

Ian Harcourt entertainer

9. The Bus Mingle

If you are providing transport for your Christmas function you need a couple of Improvising comedians to make it fun! Whether it's fun and games on the bus, bogus tour commentary, passenger wrangling or comedy mingling make sure you make the getting there part of the party

Scavenger Hunt Team Builder

8. The Amusing Race

This is our own specially built humorous tribute to that wonder that was The Amazing Race. Part race, part treasure hunt, part quiz we custom make it to suit your team and send you comedians to host it.

Oh and if you are a reality show fan ask about our tributes to Survivor, Masterchef and others

Comedy Wellington

7. Characters!

Whether traditional Christmas Characters or tailored to match your party theme our characters add a special sparkle to any function. They break the ice, make you laugh and bring any theme to life.

Team Building Wellington

6. The Improv Workshop

A super fun start to any Christmas celebration what could be better than laughing at your workmates. This is a great option for smaller groups and it although at Christmas we are all about fun the Improv Workshop has a serious side that will keep the boss happy too. You can read more here.

Tim Gordon MC and Facilitator

5. MCs

If your Christmas work function has a serious purpose attached like recognising staff, celebrating success or delivering a message you need an MC to keep everything on track. We can do serious messages as ourselves or as Comedy Characters to make sure you your Christmas party still feels like a party!

Christmas Party fun, laughter entertainment

4. The Mingle Show

As the name suggests this is a hybrid product. A cross between our Character Mingle and our Improv Comedy Show. A relative newcomer it's raced into number 4 based on popularity. You get a shorter character mingle combined with a mini Show. It is perfect for more casual functions, if you aren't having a full meal, or for cocktail parties. Great for rewarding staff or impressing clients.

Murder Mystery Wellington

3. Murder Mystery

Tailored to any theme and any group size the Murder Mystery has been one of our most popular products for more than 25 years. It's a full evening's entertainment that wraps really well around a meal.

Christmas Party Entertainment Wellington

2. The Gameshow

This works so well for groups of any size and people love it so much it couldn't be anywhere else but in the number two spot. It is an interactive, all in, team on team comedy competition that combines quiz and other activities and challenges to create a wonderful Christmas celebration for your work.

Read more here.

And finally, in the number one spot, how could it be anything but.....

1. The Improv Comedy Show

Beloved at parties everywhere, any time of year the Improv Comedy Show works hard at any Christmas party making memorable moments about and for your people

Corporate Entertainment Wellington
Improv Comedy Wellington
Comedy Wellington

For Christmas party that folks will still be talking about well in to 2022 you need...

Entertainment for parties Wellington

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