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A Gameshow by any other name...

Our Gameshow is one of our most popular products but we've really struggled to come up with the right name for it. If you've been to one and have an idea for a better name for it we would love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

So what is it? It's a team on team competition. It's a bit like we've taken the tasks from every gameshow you've ever heard of and mixed them together. But instead of watching others do it you get to do yourselves - with the help of your team.

Our work starts a couple of weeks before your event when we develop the resources for your Gameshow. We have some tried and true activities we use but we adapt them to your theme. Often writing brand spanking new versions for you. We prepare more than we could ever use because until we meet you we can't tell what kind of things you will enjoy. In broad categories we prepare quizzes, things to make, things to create, physical challenges, silly things and some harder analytical challenges. Once we get working with you we quickly discover what makes you laugh, what things your people enjoy and so we are able to select which activities will make sure that you have a really great night. We're Improvisors - no two Gameshows will ever be the same!

On the night of your event two talented Improvisors will arrive 30 minutes before your Gameshow is due to begin. They use this time to prepare, set up and to start observing your group.

There are two main options for your Gameshow. Either to have it as a fast and furious hour and a halfish of entertainment with no breaks or to weave it around your dinner or lunch over a more leisurely 2-3 hours.

Some of the things you create, we will ask you to share with the group while we judge them. Our judging is pretty arbitrary so while most groups like to provide prizes for the winning team we ask that these are symbolic rather than valuable so that there isn't any complaint from the competitors!

It's perfect for a group who likes to get up and do rather than sit and watch, those who enjoy a little healthy competition with their comedy.

It also works really well as a fun team builder. Your people are forced to use each others skills and strengths to gain maximum points. They have to collaborate, working together to complete tasks. They learn a lot about each other, even if they have just met - all while laughing.

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