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This is the perfect indoor, all weather, all abilities team building exercise. We share some of the Theatresports skills that trained us in spontaneity.


You will  support each other and enjoy each other's talent.


The participants can expect to become more competent in the following areas -


  • listening

  • responding with confidence

  • problem solving within a team

  • spontaneity

  • negotiating


They will gain knowledge of themselves and laugh with the people they work with, perhaps finding talents in them have never before been evident.



Most people are looking for one of two things when they want team building.


One is a fun time out with their work mates, to help de-stress and bond outside of the day-to-day grind.  

Our Gameshow, Murder Mystery or Amusing Race can all fit that bill.  Or you can use our comedians to make your offsite team building activity memorable.


The other common team building goal is a fun activity that helps to solve a team issue - whether it be with communication, conflict or enhancing or tweaking the team dynamic.

Let us use our experience and unique skills to create something specifically for you that will create change while your team is laughing. We can organise team building in Wellington or wherever you want to go


Improvisation Workshop



"... extremely impressed with the high standard of performance that you provided and the care you took in ensuring that your performance was sensitive to our audience.“
Melissa Carley - Loyalty NZ

"We were very impressed - you guys did extremely well getting a bunch of accountants involved and even better making them all laugh!“
                                            Grant Hockings - ANZ National Bank


Team Building in Wellington
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