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"Once again the laughter and focus you brought to the day was the magic needed to make things work. It's a privilege to work with such a talented group. Can't wait till next time!“
                                       Kay Miller - The Public Trust



We keep any function flowing with our perfectly pitched and poised MCs.


This is a key role in any Conference or Award Ceremony. It certainly requires the skills in organisation and planning but also the ability to think quickly and to be adaptable.


Either as ourselves or in character we’ll help you make your function unforgettable.

Tim Gordon MC
Facilitators Wellington Tim Gordon MC

This is no laughing matter and you need someone to hold it all together,

to faciliate the discussions and develop and administer exercises that focus on the issues.


Strategic Workshops. 

       Formation of new Teams. 

                  Away Days.

                                   Identification and Discussion around Vision. 





We have years of experience in developing and administering



You seem to make the tedious SO enjoyable!

 Wellington South Area Pastoral Committee

"Your involvement helped lighten the mood and provide some much-needed objectivity on the issues surrounding residential care.“
                                    Petrina Turner - Residential Care NZ

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