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The Improvisors design and deliver uniquely interactive programmes with humour at its heart. 


We are trained and experienced professional performers skilled in improvisation.


We deliver high-energy, interactive, training. 


Improvisation is about engagement; it is about active listening and confident responses.  It is the art of conversation. Participants are introduced to tools that allow them the confidence to engage in conversations and not to be robotically tied to a script - with practical rehearsals of how to question and discover needs in a non-threatening way.



Christchurch Earthquake Symposium 

The Canterbury Earthquakes Symposium, jointly hosted by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Christchurch City Council, was held on 29-30 November 2018 at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. The Improvisors presented.....

Customer Service
- A Case Study
Training Wellington Corporate Training


"The Improvisors are great at the programme design piece.  They quickly understood what we wanted and translated this into a suitable solution. The team was highly responsive, good at problem solving and, as you’d expect, fun to work with! " 


Christine Sewell -Head of Culture & Communications, The Warehouse Group - August 2014  -



We  rolled out the Re-Branding of Z Energy to all  Employees in every Shell Service Station throughout the country.


We developed an HR programme that was delivered to the entire Warehouse staff throughout the country.


Love Your Customer was a half-day programme for 15 – 20 participants hosted by a team of 3 Improvisors  run Nationwide in 18 centres delivering to 5000 team members over 10 weeks, for we were Finalsit in the 2014 Gold Buiness Awards.


The Warehouse programme was to help team members better understand that all they do is for their customers, and empower them to make a genuine, personal connection with customers.


So how is it that a small Wellington based Corporate Theatre Company was contracted to undertake two of the largest training programmes ever to be run in New Zealand/Aotearoa - the roll out of the Z Energy Brand in 2012 and The Warehouse Love your Customer programme in 2013?


There was no existing Programme that would have met their

needs and  we listen and learn and tailor make our programmes.


Our teaching modelled the natural, warm, authentic interactions

that we want the particpants to develop as part of their own culture.


For these projects The Improvisors were Finalists in the HR Section of the

Wellington Gold Awards in 2014.



Training New Zealand Corporate Interactive Training
Role Playing

Good improvisors make great Role Players - the skills of creative listening,  adapting to the situation, creating and maintaining a believable character.


Over the years we have Role Played for many Companies and Government Departments  in training situations

  • to demonstrate behaviour

  • to allow candidates to test drive options,

  • to assess candidates in stituations of authority

  • to guide them to coach and mentor.



Role playing Wellington New Zealand
Put into practice....
Training Roleplaying Wellington New Zealand Interactive training
Training and Roleplaying Wellington New Zealand
Training and Role Playing Wellington New Zealand

TOURISM NZ  staff  pitched an innovative marketing strategy to an Improvisor  who was Role playing their CEO, their ideas were challenged and tested.



Role playing Twelve Characters, each receiving a pitch reacts in a different ways -  the bored, the over enthusiastic, the cynic, the detail man. A challenge for the Participants to adapt their pitch to the needs of the Client.



Managers who deal with troublesome staff  are provided with a Real -Life  Scenario. 



Which is the most suitable candidate?  - the Panel interview and choose  the a candidate to

fulfil a retail sales position. Was it the right choice?



Performance Reviews - the manager rehearses how to conduct a meeting using the Lominger Assessment.


Presentation Skills

"""Thank you and your colleagues for your awesome work over the weekend, your enthusiasm and professionalism was greatly appreciated and helped to make the event interactive and fun, while still getting across a serious message."

                                                                Mere Boynton - Te Papa

To be truly professional and effective in their jobs your Staff may need to think about how they present to their customers and colleagues.


Our Workshops focus on effective communication.


A necessity of Improvisation and Acting is being in the moment. It is also a necessity when for an effective conversation.  


Explore the skills needed to listen and respond constructively to situations as they immediately present themselves. 


The Improvisors are, after all, actors.


Let us help you

  • To be seen.

  • To be heard.

  • To be listened to and understood.

  • To present with confidence and sincerity.


Customer Service

- A Case Study


Stephenson & Turner knew that to be truly professional and effective in their jobs as Architects and Engineers they needed to focus on how they present to their customers and colleagues.

So we designed a workshop.


The Network Nightmare  – how do you  gracefully slip into closed clusters at Networking sessions? How do you be part of the discussion, and finally How do you exit with dignity?  

Practice gives confidence and skills. 


 The Elevator Pitch 


In our one to one sessions we coached each participant to be able to state clearly, succinctly and effectively who S&T are, what their unique position is and how they fit into the greater scheme of things. 

Corporate Training Wellington
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